Restorative justice saves money

Victim of crime

Restorative justice saves money

Every £1 spent on restorative justice saves  …

By reducing reoffending , RJ saves the Criminal Justice System nine times what it costs to deliver. That is tax payers’ money saved.
Restorative justice works

Victim of crime

Restorative justice works

How many victims are satisfied with the process?

Research commissioned by the UK Government and undertaken between 2004 and 2008 showed that 85% of victims were satisfied with the process and 72% would recommend it to others.
Restorative justice helps

Victims of crime

Restorative justice helps

How many victims feel less trauma afterwards?

Victims evaluating their experience of restorative justice report a 40% drop in the negative effects of crime - for them, their familes and everyone harmed by the crime.

We left the prison feeling like a weight had come off our shoulders, I actually found myself smiling on the journey back — Laura Stonehouse, burglary victim

Why me? promotes the right of every victim of crime to have the chance to sit down and talk to the person who caused them harm. Crime victims want to ask the offender direct questions — starting with "Why me?" Restorative Justice can provide answers and give peace of mind, whatever the severity of the crime.

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Read transcripts of live RJ conferences here and understand how they work.

We link victims and offenders undergoing restorative justice with journalists and policy makers. Contact us to find out more.

If you are a victim of crime, find out more about how RJ works.

We are fighting for victims to have access to restorative justice. Help us by telling one person a day about RJ!

Let’s clear up the difference between “Community Resolution” and “Restorative Justice”

Oh dear!  The Daily Mail (29.3.14) has run a piece about thousands of cases of serious crime (including rape) being dealt with by “Restorative Justice”.   It claims that the police are using “Restorative Justice” as a sanction and many people guilty of serious offences are being let off prison. But “Restorative Justice” isn’t being […]

Powerful RJ stories on DVD

The Woolf Within and the Repairing the Harm films are direct and powerful stories about people who have been through restorative justice. You can buy a copy of the DVDs from us.

What happens at a Restorative Justice conference?

When victims and offenders meet at a Restorative Justice Conference it's agreed that what's said remains confidential. Word for word records of conferences are rarely available to the public. But we've published accurate accounts of real RJ meetings that have taken place. Every name has been changed or anonymised as have other identifying features such as times, locations and place names. Find out what happens at a Restorative Justice conference.