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Repairing the Harm

This 6 minute film focuses on victims’ experience of Restorative Justice and how it has improved their lives. Peter Woolf interviews two victims of crime, ten years after he burgled Will Riley and subsequently met him in a Restorative Justice meeting. This 6 minute film is ideal for those new to Restorative Justice but also practitioners and trainers who want to demonstrate the impact and stimulate discussion.

Copies of the Repairing the Harm DVD can be purchased for £5.75 (including post and packing to the UK) via Paypal.

The Woolf Within book and DVD

Peter Woolf was a prolific offender, ensconced in a world of violence and depravity, who, by his own reckoning committed about 20,000 crimes. Then he burgled a house, fought with his victim and ended up in prison yet again. This time though it was different. Peter met his victim, Will, in a restorative justice session that took place in the prison. The meeting changed both their lives for ever.  Peter and Will tell their stories in this short yet powerful film, which can be purchased from Why me?

Copies of the DVD “The Woolf Within” can be purchased for £5.75 (including postage and packing to the UK) via Paypal.


Copies of the book, by Peter Woolf, “The Damage Done”, can be purchased for £8.50 (including post and packing to the UK) via Paypal

If you are outside the UK, the cost is of the DVD is £8.00 and the book is £12.50. Please email us with your request info@why-me.org.Multiple copies are more easily purchased by dropping us an email to info@why-me.org or by sending a cheque made payable to “Why me? UK” to Why me? 49-51 East Road, Old Street, London N1 6AH.