Let’s clear up the difference between “Community Resolution” and “Restorative Justice”

Oh dear!  The Daily Mail (29.3.14) has run a piece about thousands of cases of serious crime (including rape) being dealt with by “Restorative Justice”.   It claims that the police are using “Restorative Justice” as a sanction and many people guilty of serious offences are being let off prison. But “Restorative Justice” isn’t being […]

Rape victim meets attacker after 7 years

Victim meets young man who raped her. Katja Rosenberg speaks out.

Restorative Justice week 17th November – 24th November 2013


Why me? are celebrating Restorative Justice week, by running a national survey of every Police and Crime Commissioner in England and Wales. Find out more…

MOPAC observe restorative justice conference

Metropolitan Police logo

London Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime witnessed a restorative justice meeting in action this week as part of the Why me? Observer Programme

First Observer attends restorative justice meeting

The first observer to witness a restorative justice meeting under the Why me? Observer Programme said it was an overwhelmingly positive experience for all involved….”the offenders’ apology felt entirely genuine and his remorse was clear to see”

Victim of mugging meets young offender in HMP Littlehey


BBC home affairs correspondent Tom Symonds was mugged at knifepoint last year. Read the full story…

Light bulb moment for offenders

The West Midlands Police are using restorative justice to bring victims of crime and offenders together in a remarkable series of meetings. Victim of crime, Mrs Womwell said: “I wanted to ask him what gave him the right to come into my home and take whatever he wanted? Read the full story on the BBC […]