Valuing Victims

In October 2015, we published the Barriers and Solutions report exploring the main challenges for victims accessing restorative services.

In April 2016 our Valuing Victims report reviewed Police and Crime Commissioners’ use of MoJ funding of Restorative Justice (RJ) from 2013 – 2016. The report, published ahead of the PCC election process was, to an extent, incomplete as we were waiting for funding information from the MoJ. This information has now been made available to us and we are now publishing an addendum to this report in addition to updating individual PCC reports and victim access information via our web site.

The research indicates:

  • Significant variations between PCC areas with regards to spending on RJ services
  • a range of models which have been implemented
  • inconsistent information about local RJ provision for victims of crime

Trevor Watson (Campaign Officer) said:

We want the research to add value for victims by providing them with useful contact information for access to local restorative services. We are confident the information will also assist PCC’s as they look to make decisions on finance for future years.

Read the Barriers and Solutions Report (PDF)

Read the full Valuing Victims Report (PDF)

Read our Valuing Victims June 2016 Update (PDF)

Any questions regarding the report please contact Lucy or Trevor on 020 3096 7708 or email

Map of PCC areas

Avon & Somerset PCC
Bedfordshire PCC
Cambridgeshire PCC
Cheshire PCC
Cleveland PCC
Cumbria PCC
Derbyshire PCC
Devon & Cornwall PCC
Dorset PCC
Durham PCC
Dyfed-Powys PCC
Essex PCC
Gloucestershire PCC
Greater Manchester PCC
Gwent PCC
Hampshire and Isle of Wight PCC
Hertfordshire PCC
Humberside PCC
Kent PCC
Lancashire PCC
Leicestershire PCC
Lincolnshire PCC
Mayor's Office for Policing & Crime
Merseyside PCC
Norfolk PCC
North Wales PCC
North Yorkshire PCC
Northamptshire PCC
Northumbria PCC
Nottinghamshire PCC
South Wales PCC
South Yorkshire PCC
Staffordshire PCC
Suffolk PCC
Surrey PCC
Sussex PCC
Thames Valley PCC
Warwickshire PCC
West Mercia PCC
West Midlands PCC
West Yorkshire PCC
Wiltshire PCC

Map last updated: January 2017

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