Victims’ stories

One of the main functions of Why me? is to be a collection point for the stories and experiences of people who have participated in restorative justice after being affected by a crime.  By recording these we hope to encourage others to seek out RJ and to spread the word about how useful and important RJ can be for victims.

Please let us know if you’ve got a story to share.

Dave’s story

Dave and Pat Rogers’ son, Adam, was killed by a group of young men in Blackburn town centre on 5th July 2009. With the loss of their son, their lives changed forever. It changed again when they discovered the power of restorative justice and met one of the young people who involved in their son’s death. Read Dave’s story »

LauraLaura’s story

Laura’s house was burgled while she and her family were asleep in their beds. She was very angry about her house being invaded and the amount of time it took to make insurance claims. Meeting the perpetrator allowed her to get her feelings out and tell him the terrible impact of his actions. Read Laura’s story »

Ray and Vi’s story

Ray and Vi Donovan’s young son, Chris, was murdered in South London in 2001.  After 10 years, they met one of the young men who had killed their son. It was a life-changing experience for them. Read their story »