See what happens at a Restorative Justice conference

When victims and offenders sit down and meet at a Restorative Justice Conference, what is said remains confidential. When people talk about their experience of restorative justice (such as on this website), it’s because everyone involved in the meeting has agreed to going public.

Why me? has produced this film which is a re-enactment (by professional actors) of a conference that actually took place.  The real participants have given permission for their words to be used so that more people can see and understand how Restorative Justice works. See what happens at a Restorative Justice Conference

We can also show you some written accounts of Restorative Justice conferences 

Here are some word for word written records of real RJ meetings that have taken place. Every name has been changed or anonymised as have other identifying features such as times, locations and place names. All copyright remains with Why me?.


The Mugger

This is a record of a Restorative Justice Conference that took place inside a prison in the UK between an offender in his 20s and the young man (about the same age) who he’d been found guilty of mugging a few months previously. The young man’s mother was also present. The offender was around half way through his sentence and was on a prison programme aimed at getting him off drugs.

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Opening the door

The Burglar

This is a record of a Restorative Justice Conference that took place inside a prison in the UK between an offender in his late 40s and seven people: three couples whose homes he’d burgled and a man whose late mother’s house he’d tried to break into. The burglaries and attempted break-in were all committed on the same “spree” in the same area about four months before the meeting took place. The offender was a couple of months into a seven year sentence.

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Why me? campaigns to promote restorative justice for the benefit of victims. We want face-to-face meetings to be available to all UK victims of crime.

Perhaps you’re here because you’ve been affected by a crime and are curious about Restorative Justice. Maybe you’ve been offered the chance to take part in it by the police or another criminal justice professional. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help you. If you are the victim of a crime and are interested in finding out about how you can take part in Restorative Justice, please contact us.

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