Observer Programme

Our aim is to better inform decision makers about the Restorative Justice process and its benefits for victims. As an observer your responsibility is to consider how Restorative Justice applies in your sphere of influence.

I learnt that these meetings can be extremely valuable for both sides but particularly the victim

HHJ M A Horton (Why me? Observer in 2014)

What to expect?

Why me? have produced a re-enactment film, showing a Restorative Justice meeting that took place in 2014. Below you can watch the  film which can be used for training purposes.

Who is invited?

Why me? is organising access to meetings for newly elected Police and Crime Commissioners, Government Ministers, the judiciary and local decision-makers.

Download our Observer Programme Leaflet

 Are you a RJ Service or Practitioner

At Why me? we continue to work closely with practitioners and providers throughout England and Wales to arrange access to restorative meetings. For more information about the Observer Programme or how to get involved, please contact Alicia Edmund 


The Observer Programme is supported by Restorative Justice Council and the Ministry of Justice.

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